History of the department

Forestry Department of the Precarpathian national university was founded in 2005, but an education of the Forestry students was started in 1994. Three educational levels are licensed on the Department now: Bachelor – for 60 students, Master – for 30 students, Doctor of Philosophy – for 10 students. There two forms of education here: stationary or full-time (Bachelor – 30, Master – 15, Doctor of Philosophy – 10 students); distance or part-time (Bachelor – 30, Master – 15 students). The teaching process is provided by: four doctors of sciences (Olijnyk V.S., Kalutskyj I.F., Shparyk Y.S., Voloschuk M.D.) and tree professors (Olijnyk V.S., Kalutskyj I.F. , Voloschuk M.D.); six candidates of sciences (Brodovych R.I., Viter R.M., Gajdukevych M.E., Gudyma V.M., Tkachuk O.M., Yatsyk R.M.), including two senior lecturers (Viter R.M., Yatsyk R.M.) and one senior researcher (Brodovych R.I.); two assistants of professors (Dychkevych V.M., Turak O.D.).

Mountain Forestry is a main scientific topic of the Forestry Department according to the next chapters: Forest Soils – Voloschuk M.D.; Forest Diversity – Gajdukevych M.E.; Forest Selection – Yatsyk R.M.; Forest Plantations – Brodovych R.I.; Sylviculture – Olijnyk V.S.; Forestry – Viter R.M.; Forest Inventory – Shparyk Y.S.; Forest Management – Kalutskyj I.F.; Forest Monitoring – Gudyma V.M.; Forest Hydrology – Tkachuk O.M.


Forest Selection – Yatsyk R.M.;